Ryan Palmquest

Manager Hemp Business, SVP & Asst. Sec.

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As the Senior Vice President of Hemp Business, I understand the importance of investing time to learn about your business, strategies and key objectives within this quickly evolving industry. I know the inherent challenges of establishing a banking relationship in the hemp market and make it my priority to provide the best solutions for you.

Having worked in commercial banking for almost two decades, I take pride in understanding my customers’ banking needs and enjoy partnering with them to help grow their business.

Our approach

First Citizens is a large, hemp-friendly bank that offers a full suite of quality banking services that can be tailored to your specific business needs. Our highly experienced hemp banking team protects your best interests by helping navigate the complex nuances of the current regulatory environment. And our deep industry expertise makes the establishment of your relationship as simple and quick as possible.

You’ll receive ongoing support to help meet your short and long-term goals through our vast network of branch locations and a robust digital platform that can accommodate your company's growth. We believe in the future of hemp markets and are proud to help growing enterprises in your industry plan strong and stable futures.

Industry Expertise



St. Martin’s University, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Pre-Law


Make sense of the markets. We have our fingers on the pulse of economic growth, investor sentiment and valuation trends.
Start, grow and expand. Our industry knowledge helps you build a long-term approach for successful business strategies.
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