Allison E Cadmus

Sr. Equipment Finance & Leasing Officer, SVP

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Areas Served

Southwest: California (Orange County, Los Angeles, Tri-Counties, San Diego), Texas (Dallas, Austin, Houston), New Mexico, and Arizona
Northwest: Washington, Oregon, Sacramento, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, North Carolina (Central Raleigh/Triangle Area)

Get to know me

As First Citizens Bank Equipment and Lease Finance Officers, our primary goal is to assist businesses with all their equipment and vehicle financing needs. Our consultative approach is to fully understand the capital expenditure needs of our customers, and to then provide the best financing solutions, and professional service.

It's important for me to invest in understanding your business and capital expenditure needs in order to meet your financial goals. My career includes 15 years in banking with six years as an Equipment Officer. I truly take pride in helping our clients accomplish their goals through financing solutions.

I enjoy spending time with my amazing son and fur baby. I enjoy sporting events, exercising and cooking. We love to travel with family and friends any chance we get.

Focus Areas

Medical - Dental Practices
Manufacturing (Plastics, Metal, Glass, Rubber)
Wholesale Distributor (Food, Beverage, Medical Equipment)
Service Industries (HVAC, Exterminators)
Machine Shops
Logistics - Freight Carrier Companies
Construction Companies
Asphalt and Paving Companies

Industry Expertise

Equipment Finance and Leasing


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